Friday, May 2, 2008

Alison by Libby M.

She had only been about eight

Was followed by an unknown fate

We’d liked to play and have some fun

April first two thousand and one.

When it ended, I was in shock

My face turned white as chalk

Killed by her mother’s oldest son

April first two thousand and one.

I didn’t know if it was a joke

My sound was reduced to a choke

And her life had barely begun

April first two thousand and one.

Family Vacation by Nate J.

Traveling in the car

With my family inside

On the new parking lot paved with tar

Near the hotel, our car’s tire is blown on the side

We settle into the room

Find out my pants got a rip

Then we wake up to get some food

Going to the restaurant is already another trip

On the beach, hot and sunny

Boogie board on the water, still cold

I forget my money

And then we go into the town where the sovereigns are sold

Back in the car; my brothers making a lecture


Ode to MJ by Garrett B

Jordan flew high and proud

Up he went he was untouchable

The Bulls kept on winning, four straight

He could not bear the death of his dad

But then his team gave him a helping hand.

His mom, his fans, his teammates, pushed him

To get that fourth trophy they couldn’t be touched

Then his age got to him and he had to stop

In 2000 he came back but he was no good for the wizards

He finally was gone but still remembered

Hall of fame, first year he was voted

Not two thoughts about it

He was the best ever seen in the game

Don’t forget, Air Jordan in his memory.

Florida by Ryan L.

The sun shines on the white sand below

The smell of the ocean soothing

I slowly walk and then think

This is the life for me

Gently, the waves crash

I sit on the

Warm white sand



Hand and Hand By Jessica M

Life with you is a journey I will take

Through good and bad I will always hold your hand

A love that no one can harm or can break

A love that only a few can understand

Our bodies are close as if we are one

You are the piece of the puzzle I miss

In the game of love I feel I have won

And our perfect day is sealed with a kiss

Without you I feel like I am nothing

Nothing bigger than a grain of white sand

Our love is complete with the perfect ring

My love and loyalty come hand and hand

When the sun grazes your beautiful face

I will be with you in your arms embrace

By the Sea by Brianna T.

The sun starts to sink below the ocean

As we hold each other close, hand in hand

Time feels like its going in slow motion

As we walk along in the white, beach sand.

The cool waves gently crash against our feet

As you look at me with those deep blue eyes

And I could swear my heart skipped a beat

When you turned and kissed me to my surprise.

Never thought I could feel the way I do

Being with you here, I am lost for words

How lucky I am to find something new,

I feel as though I’m flying among birds.

I knew you were the only one for me

On that precious night down by the sea.

The Big Red Button by Jaysen O.

People don’t listen to what I say

I said “Don’t push the dang button”

They don’t want to ever listen

It’s there for a reason

A strange one at that

Loud beeping sounds

Until they

All hear


Lil Wayne by Brian R.

Dwayne Carter grew up on the streets

He got his break when Cash Money heard his beats

Better known as Weezy or Lil Wayne

His flow tends to stay insane.

Eating rappers like rare cooked meat

He's so hot on the charts, ice can't cool his heat

When a new song hits, other rappers feel the pain

He's like a male lion, extremely hard to tame.

Wayne named his first album "The Block Is Hot"

He didn't expect for millions to be bought

Dropping out of school at the mere age of fourteen

He never thought that he would fulfill his dream.

It was an easy battle to the top, but still Weezy fought

And at the top of all, he kept planning his plot

Wayne knew where to find the green

He's done what needed to be done, seen what needed to be seen.

Dark Eyes By Casey O

Laying in her bed is all she does now

For without him there is

No reason for her to wake up and face the day.

Mascara smeared eyes

Makes her look like she has died

But still she crys

For better days and for his return,

Into her arms once again.

But this will never happen

For heaven is sure hard to reach from Earth

Without leaving it in a hurse.

So for now she waits for the day

Where she can be reunited again.

The Beach By Matt C

The waves are crashing

Sand burning hot from the sun

Clouds slowly roll by

Ode To Snow Boarding by Derek H

On your way to the mountain,

Waxing your new board,

You watch the snow fall,

And hope for that perfect powder.

When you finally get there,

After what seemed like

The longest ride of your life,

You throw on your gloves and boots,

Then run for the ski lift.

At the peak of the mountain,

You tighten your bindings,

Stare down the trail for a few seconds,

And begin to accelerate,

Then carve back and forth

Through the powder.

You reach the bottom,

And can’t wait for the next run!

Babe Ruth Sonnet by Connor F.

Standing at the plate he called the hit.

The crowd roared as he stepped up to the plate.

Looking down to the ground he proudly spit,

For in this hit their breath he would take.

Standing strong he raised his hand,

The crowd was silent, not even a stir.

All the crowd was at a stand,

For now, history was about to occur.

The pitch came, and it came hard,

He launched his hands through the ball.

Just from the crack you could tell it went far,

While running, he knew this was over the wall.

From this at bat a legend, a hero was made,

To some he was the Great Bambino, but to most, the babe.

The Lecturer by Sarah S

There he stood on the podium,

Telling us of all the good things in life,

Making all the references,

That keeps all wondering,

It’s all in our references.

Looking up to that someone, that tells all in a nutshell.

Despite his autism,

It is only too well,

There is so much inspiration,

Only you can tell.

Orb of Mystery by Lindsey H.

That day the wood was a seeming fright

Its sky was dressed in a cold, cold, white;

The trees stood barren on the leaf strewn floor

And the wind howled its dull roar

A mysterious orb formed in the tree’s path

Looking human-like in the sunlight’s bath;

She seemed to be wearing a magenta smock

Her parasol in one hand and in the other a clock

It was time to leave the wood in a haunt was sensed

In their pockets they had their cellphones clenched;

Was it the sun’s beams playing tricks with their minds

Or was it really a woman well past her time

Out of the wood they quickly fled

And couldn’t help wondering “Was she dead?”

The Ocean by John B.

Ocean’s waves crash on shore everyday

Everyone goes to the ocean

Brown sand sparkles in the sun

Tiny seashells hiding

Seaweed floating by

Don’t want to leave

The water

Can be


Summer storm by Danny F.

At the end of a long, hard day.

I go my way.

Long leash in hand.

Feet in dark sand.

The wind picks up, dark clouds come in.

Far rains begin.

Distant thunder;

Lightning stalker.

This way the harsh kayos approaches.

Water blazes.

Never concede,

Go on? Agreed

Decisions by Morgan P

Confusion invades life itself

clouding the shelf,

first hard to find,

in my young mind.

Sadness drowns out all hope – all is lost,

too high a cost

is living life

where risks are rife.

It’s just not worth it, is it? You

have to fight to

maybe survive –

Barely alive.

Things Aren’t What They Appear to Be by Kaitlyn B

I hide many things under my smile,

Sometimes as an act of guile.

Discontentment covered by glee.

Things aren’t what they appear to be.

I feel my heart is torn,

And all I want to do is mourn.

Inside, my emotions drive me crazy.

Things aren’t what they appear to be.

These days, there’s less truth than aberration.

Take all of this into consideration.

Emotions can be covered easily.

Things aren’t what they appear to be.

The Snakes Eye by Anna K

The eye that does haunt me throughout the night,

The crushing feeling of something so deep.

It’s the eye that gives and takes away sight,

Through every crack within the wall it seep.

The dark eye making contact with your soul,

You are enveloped, and longer calm.

Time has come when you need to pay the toll,

Your life disappears and leaves through your palm.

The green surrounding enhances the feel,

Of overwhelming emotion and pain.

From your skin every part begins to peel,

The truth is revealed and you are then sane.

The serpent slithers out of sight,

Hoping for one more victims the next day.