Thursday, April 12, 2007

Ode to Biggie by John H.

You know him as Big Poppa, Biggie Smalls
He was perhaps the greatest rapper of all
With a voice like thunder and lyrics to match
If you did him wrong he’d grab his gat
His song’s talked of parties and brotha’s
And of how they all dealt with each other
With his tales of troubles, women, and crack
He single-handedly brought the east coast back
He was so much more than a mortal man
He could make you laugh or think with a mic in his hand
He became a superstar in less than a year
Puttin’ 5 carats in his baby girl’s ear
When he died his life was completed
He was destroyed but was not defeated

Spring Birds by Lizzie C.

Birds fly through the air
Together they soar through the breeze
Painting the spring sky

Untitled by Abby S.

Because the music’s loud
and vibrates through my body.
The choruses are sung strong,
and this is my home.

My home is where the people are friendly
and love music for the love of it.
We are a family, even if only for a night,
and this is my home.

You don’t play for the record company
but for the people who breathe your notes.
It is your life, your love, and this─
and this is my home.

Call Me the Boss by Mike C.

Call me the king without a crown
I wash it down.
Bottle it up
And fill my cup

Call me lost man without a map
No time to nap.
I must prevail
For I set sail.

Call me the man without a brain.
What I’ve gained,
Is what I’ve lost.
Call me the boss.

Untitled by Kayla L

Going through my life
Happy as can be,
Everything was going great,
For little eleven year old me.

I don’t know who my real parents were,
But I know they loved me,
Now I have a life in the United States,
With the best foster parents there could be.

My brother was adopted too,
Our new parents were great,
We were going to have a long happy life,
But that was all changed by fate.

Little did I know,
Soon something would change my life,
There was a problem in my “Happy Family”,
And it all ended with a knife.

One night after a long day,
I couldn’t wait to get to bed,
I didn’t know anything was wrong,
And soon everyone would be dead.

I was awoken around five am.,
By a bloodcurdling scream,
It came from my brother’s room,
And was too much to be from a dream.

I rushed in to see what happened,
I stood there in the door,
This had to be a nightmare,
One I’d never had before.

My dad was killing my brother,
I couldn’t understand why,
For he too was only eleven,
And didn’t deserve to die.

When he had finished,
He turned around to me,
I would be his next victim,
That was easy to see.

I tried to scream and run,
I couldn’t make a sound,
Fear and pain flooded my body,
As I fell to the ground.

Why was he doing this to me,
Did I do something bad?
I used to be his little princess,
The best daughter he ever had.

Didn’t he realize I’m only eleven,
And I have not yet begun to live,
Why did he have to kill me now?
I still have so much to give.

And where is my mom,
She can’t be watching all this can she?
Maybe she’s calling for help,
Unless he killer her before he killed me.

Now my mom, brother and me are all dead,
I can’t believe its true,
We were going to be such a happy family,
There were so many fun things we were going to do.

Soon after my dad died,
He knew what he had done,
He died of a gun shot to the head,
After he had his fun.

And I was only eleven,
And my life had just begun,
Now I’ up in heaven,
Having lots of fun.

Although I am now gone,
I know no one will forget me,
Because I’m all around you,
In everything you see.

So when you see a snowflake,
Or a leaf from a tree,
The one bright star in the sky,
That is me.

Heaven Fallen by Alaina H.

The girl looked like she was from heaven
Then she fell, we knew it was Devan
Devan dropped to the floor
Causing a big red sore
But that’s okay cause she’s just seven

Storms by Kristin P.

How still the leaves upon a tree do lie,
When sun goes down and clouds appear above.
The wind dies slow and seems to breathe a sigh,
This peace before the storm is what I love.

Then all at once the crack of light appears,
A trembling roar comes forth and shakes the ground.
The beads of rain descend like human tears,
And echoes clap for many miles around.

The ocean now begins to play its role.
Its monstrous waves approach and hit the shore.
All nature’s beauty claims your very soul.
Stop wind, cease rain let stillness fall once more.

Let skies grow clear and heaven show its light,
Then speed away the day and bring the night

Tears From Angels By Stacy C.

I look out the window
and see drops of rain,
that are tears from the angels.
They look down from their shining clouds
to weep for the brutality of humanity
and they dry their tears with the glow
of the sun, who smiles and shines on them with hope. But
at the same time,
a light that blinds the way ahead.

I Like to Run by Lyndsey P.

I like to run it makes me free
Sun in my face but I still see
Wind blows my hair I like the feel
When I’m running my life feels real

Road has no end that’s what I like
Speed past little kids riding bikes
Run so hard blood leaks from my heel
When I’m running my life feels real

I’ll run until the day turns night
A burning in my heart ignites
Run a race first place I will steal
When I running, my life feels real.

Undone by Olivia L.

Was too cautious for you
To scared to be hurt
Didn’t believe it was true
You were such a flirt

Said you wanted to move slow
So I gave you a chance
And my feelings began to grow
So we began the dance

Thought I was falling in love
But I realized I was wrong
You weren’t deserving of
Me, all along

Glad I saved my love for someone
Who won’t leave things undone

Ode to Mr. Berenson by Kyle G.

There once was a man who taught me well
His facts were good, his jokes were swell
He ruled over his class with a rubber chicken
If you didn’t follow the rules, he’d give you a lickin’

He made us read many hard books
That aligned his class in his various nooks,
His class was good, his class was kind
He got the knowledge in our mind

He was my 8th grade teacher a year ago
He knew how to write, he made it flow
He was one of the best, the best of all time
He knew how to teach kids to rhyme

The Power of Song by Katie D.

The first practice we came to sing
Beauty would ring
The music’s goal?
To feed your soul.

With harmonies so sweet and fair,
Our hearts we’d share.
It never lied.
Nowhere to hide.

Ages ranging from young to old.
Stories we told.
And bye the end,
Music’s our friend.

Alaina Patrice by Julee B.

Alaina Patrice always dances
But it really looks like she prances
She has no skill for school
But I still think she’s cool
So A. Pat turns everyone’s glances

A Lost Not Burdened by Joe K.

He is and was what we could be
A shattered life lost in vein
A broken soul behind the glee
But for the body no one claims

It’s been said he took a vow
To be remembered in this town’
Its funny that they say this now
For his death hath drawn no frown

Unspecified was his true fame
He saw no lofe he harvests pain
With us all he played his game
His happiness, we watched it wane

And after all is said and done
This haunted town, this holy place
It seems to me he’s had his fun
We lost the man who had no face

Ode to Cats by Jacob R.

cats are always there for you
when your down and even blue
they cuddle with you when you're sad
and even when you've been bad
they like to lick themselves
and to hide in the shelves
cats like to sleep a lot
maybe in a cooking pot
but when you need them most
they seem just like a ghost
they play with strings and silly things

When the colors laid down the sun to rest by Jack M.

When the colors laid down the sun to rest,
And the final whisper of wind was breathed,
When her eyes were cast far into the west,
It seems as though she could no longer see.

Those eyes had seen things meant for no other,
Drowned in a harsh pain of paralyzed fear,
They tried hard to dissect and uncover,
But what did they know of ashes and tears?

And there upon the cliff is where she felt safe,
Where she could forget all the troubles of life,
It was where she returned day after day,
To escape from the dark, and enter the night.

Until her soul faded into the sky,
None could tell her she was too young to die.

A Father's Pride by Emily B.

She looks up at him, safe in his arms
He gets lost in his daughter’s wondering eyes
She has so much to learn, he’ll never be far
He’s devoted to her like the sun to the skies

Eager to see whom she will become
He teaches her, watches her, lets her discover
He hopes someday she’ll know where love comes from
And believes in the power of the skies above her

Before her he was a slave to his work
He now sees through happier eyes
Before her he never smiled more than a smirk
Now he knows how joy can make you cry.

A father’s pride can’t measure a mile
To the love his heart knows when he sees her smile.

A Taste of Perfection by Emily M.

As the sun shines bright
I feel its warmth.
I feel it against my back.

I look up.
What a blue sky.
Has it always been so blue?

No harm is present.
It feels as perfect,
As it ever once was.

This is why.
No one’s around.
Without proof,
Is it still there?

Just You and I by Clare N.

Heavy waves crash on the shore,
Palm tree’s shadow falls across the damp sand
Swirls and twirls decorate the ocean floor
The salty taste is never bland

The sea and sky blend together
In one shade of baby blue
Sand jumps across the ground, as light as a feather.

Birds dip and dive
Surveying their mighty palace, wet and deep
Perfect clouds sprayed in the sky
How peaceful with just you and I.

An Ode to a Best Friend and a Sister by Amanda T.

When I met her she was eight,
her care for me was great.
She skipped the next day of school to come see me,
excited and full of glee.

She cares for me as a mother would,
just like a big sister should.
She has always been there for me,
this is how a sister-sister relationship is made to be.

Miles away keep nothing between us,
my best friend is she, yes.
Distance is not a factor in our relationship,
that fact will never waver nor slip.

She’s smart and sweet, kind and caring
bold and beautiful, wise and daring.
Considerate, thoughtful, and loving,
everything about her is amazing.

She helps me with tough decisions
the best she can envision.
She guides me through life,
I take her advice and we never strife.

She has always helped me
I love Carla Marie.
I trust her with everything,
and love the fun she brings.

She is a wonderful sister and best friend,
all the others she can transcend.
I cherish her,
no one could ever replace her.

Carla is the greatest sister and best friend in the universe.